I want to go back if it can return from August 7, 2013

When I am working, I also want to return to my child when I’m having trouble at work. I do not care if I do not work if I am a child, and of course I will not sound unless I study, but I do not have any difficulties to do what I gave, so maybe I’m returning to my child now enough I think that I can do it. But work is different. Since nothing advances as you pass by passive body alone, you need to think a lot about yourself and have a good necessity. And, as a matter of course, there are too few things to fail by that. Of course, there is nothing wrong if it can cover it easily, but in some cases it can not be solved easily, there are things that lead to big troubles. Actually, it is that state now, but it is me who is really exciting because it seems to be a serious thing if you go something like this. Well, at such time, of course, because I am working, I need to solve it properly and I also think that it is necessary to have a hungry to some extent, but if you can, I would like to return to my child if possible I will. That’s just a matter of escape from reality, but there are things that I do not know why it might be released from this spirit and trouble if I return to my child.