When Selling

The thing that is considered to be the most difficult when investing is selling. Many investments make profits with profit from trading, so you will sell any investment you bought. But it is said that the time of sale is very difficult. Because when buying stocks, I think that profits will come out and purchase. But the market does not necessarily go as you expected. It is not unlikely that the price will be lower than the purchased amount. There are a lot of people who think that it will rise to the seller ‘s thinking that’ It will rise one day ‘even if the price falls because the premise is profitable. But as it may fall further, it is one wise way to switch quickly and switch to a new brand. Moreover, it is troublesome at the time of selling even when the bought stock rises in price. Next time, it tends to give greed that “It may rise even further”. It is said that there are cases in which it is expected that the price will rise and it is often the case that stocks suddenly collapse and turn into a deficit. Even if the price rises when you invest in this way it is difficult to judge when to sell even if it falls. Therefore, you should set rules yourself before purchasing stocks in advance. The rule sets a deadline when selling, and when the amount of the stock decides the range of the upper limit and the lower limit and exceeds that range, it rushes and sold out. By setting rules in this way, we can deal with even difficult selling.